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Parental Alienation - Introduction

I intend on writing more on this topic as I have time. I am also planning a Continuing Legal Education program (CLE). I will tell you that the best age to engage in parental alienation is from 7 to 14. Any earlier, they won’t grasp the concept, any later and they are teenagers and will assert their independence. I am not condoning or promoting PA (Parental Alienation). I am simply trying to define it in a way that parents, no matter which side they are on, can recognize the dangers to their children if they either are the alienating parent or the alienated parent. I hope it is apparent that putting this child into that situation is very damaging to their emotional and psychological development. Please consider this question if you think it is alright to poison a child against another parent. Do you hate your ex more than you love your child? March 1, 2022

Hopefully I will be an active writer and provide more insight into this matter.