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Expanded remote public access to court records and redaction requirements

The following are required redactions, under the new rule, keep in mind this is an "includes, but is not limited to" April 24, 2023

“Information that is confidential pursuant to statute, court rule or order, or other law.”

Social security numbers, driver's license numbers, state identification numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, and passport numbers.

Financial institution account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, personal identification numbers, or passwords used to secure any such accounts or cards;

Names, addresses, and contact information of informants, victims, witnesses, and persons protected under orders of protection or restraining orders;


Dates of birth;

Names of individuals known to be minors; and

Case numbers of confidential, expunged, or sealed records.


NOTE: Filers should also exercise caution when filing documents that include medical records, employment history, financial records, proprietary information, or trade secrets.