You can turn with confidence to our practice, The Law Office Of David Meyer, when you require the services of a Joplin, MO, divorce attorney. Whether you are considering divorce and have questions or you have been served with divorce papers, we'll attempt to help you sort out your best course of action. We understand divorce often involves significant emotional issues, and we seek to provide practical and objective advice during those times.

If you choose us as your legal advocate to deal with a case of divorce, we'll:

  • Prepare and file all necessary documents and petitions
  • Respond to any legal issues initiated by the opposing counsel
  • Help with negotiations involving property and children

We at The Law Office Of David Meyer will attempt to keep you fully apprised of your case and its status when we serve as your Joplin, MO, divorce attorney. In providing the local representation you seek, we'll attempt to eliminate as many of the hassles of the process as possible. Take advantage of our flexible scheduling and call for an appointment today.

Do not send us information on a specific legal matter until you speak with our lawyer and obtain authorization to send that information to us. Communication with our attorney through the web site may not be considered as confidential or privileged. Our policy is not to return e-mail regarding a specific legal matter from anyone who has not already engaged the firm.