Expectant Mothers Joplin MO


This is an exciting and most likely a scary time for you right now. You are pregnant! What do you do?

There are many options for you these days and we hope you consider adoption.


Life Happens! Maybe you feel you are too young? Maybe you aren’t ready to be a mother? Maybe it isn’t the right time? Maybe it is with the wrong person? Maybe it was a complete surprise?

Whatever your situation, the real question is “what is best for your unborn child?” If you do not feel you can parent the child for whatever reason, consider giving the childup for adoption with a loving family that will care for your child and love your child and give your child a great life. As parents (even prospective parents) we want to give our children the best life we can. Sometimes that means giving our child the chance at life with another family.


You can choose to be as involved in the adoption process as you wish to be.
If you want little to no involvement, then that is up to you.
If you want to be heavily involved, then you can do that as well.

Keep in mind that you have the ability to choose that adoptive family, you can interview them and get to know them if you so choose.

Did you know that many parents who wish to adopt want to give the birth mother the opportunity to stay in touch and involved in the child’s life?

If you are an expectant mother and would like more information on giving your child up for adoption call us today.