Speeding Ticket Joplin MO

””Did You Know That Some Companies Will Raise Your Insurance For Any Speeding Ticket, Even A Non-Point Violation?””’

What’s The Big Deal, It’s Just A Speeding Ticket?

In isn’t just a speeding ticket. It has consequences such as points being assessed on your license, which matters if you get too many, and it can also have a huge impact on your insurance rates, as well as your ability to get insurance with a premium company without spending a fortune.

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Get A Speeding Ticket?

Generally, yes. Most traffic tickets that assign points to your license, including speeding tickets will cause this increase. Keep in mind, that this greatly depends on your insurance carrier. Some insurance carriers actively check databases to see if you have received a new infraction in order to raise your rates. Some insurance companies will only raise your rates if your offense generates points on your license such as a speeding ticket. Some will raise your rates if you plead guilty to any speeding ticket; including a non-point offense. In the short term, it may seem like wisdom to pay the ticket.

Should I Just Pay The Ticket?

However, consider what a small fine may cost you long term. For example, if your insurance averages $100 per month, an increase of 25% may not seem like a big deal. Keep in mind, most insurance companies will utilize a ticket for three years to keep your rates higher; some even longer. Utilizing the scenario above, that $75-dollar ticket today, costs you $900 over three years. In addition, if you are comparison-shopping for a better deal on insurance, that ticket may detrimentally affect your ability to get the best deal.

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